You definitely need one of these massages!

Aromatherapy oil massage

Massage with essential aromatic oils.

Thai massage

Thai massage

Massage with stretching and pressure to your muscles. Also called ‘yoga for lazy people’

Back-neck-shoulder massage

Gentle or strong according you your body’s needs.

Foot massage (Reflexology)

Based on ancient alternative therapy. Pressure applied to trigger points around your foot to stimulate the corresponding body part.

Massage prices and promotions:

3 massage pack. Suitable for sharing with other persons. Validity period 1 month.

  • Thai massage 60 min. – 52€
  • Aromathery oil massage 60 min. – 62€
  • Foot massage (reflexology) 45 min. – 46€
  • Back-neck-shoulder massage 45 min. – 46€


Working hours:
I-VII 11:00 – 20:00

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